The Scoop on closeCULTURE. founder

Hey I'm Cat,  I am a self proclaimed accessories junkie, selfie enthusiast and naturalista.  I love all things "girly", classy, pretty and unique.  I like to think I have an eye for pretty things.  I started closeCULTURE. out of my search for "black girl magic phone covers" and I discovered those types of cases was hard to find.  During my search I figured I may not be the only one that is interested in proudly displaying their love for the culture, in particular, Natural hair culture.  I have received so many compliments on my phone cases and people asking me where I had purchased them.  So, I decided I should make them accessible to everyone. 

closeCULTURE. started with phone cases but we are not limited to just that with t-shirts and other accessories closeCULTURE. is just getting started. 

The natural hair community is an amazing group of women we take pride in our natural hair journey, of course we celebrate it every chance we get.  Going back to natural is so liberating what better way to showcase our beautiful journey than to adorn our most used possessions; ie phones, clothes and every other item we rock. 

Representation matters!  And I am trying to do my part to help all women embrace their natural hair and make it become the norm and not just a fad as some would say it is.  Natural hair is a much more healthier way to care for your hair.  With so many products on the market it is now easier then ever to mange your tresses.

I really hope you find my service to your satisfactory.  A HUGE Thank you for trusting me with your accessories needs, 😘  If you have any questions, suggestions, issues, or words of encouragement please do not hesitate to contact me ... I'm just an email away…