Length Check For Maximum Hair Growth

Many of us naturals return to natural because we have experienced some unhealthy hair practices.  Relaxing our hair for many years has been the downfall to our tresses and abstaining from relaxers seems to be the holy grail to fix all of our hair problems.  Naturally though when we go relaxer free we expect to get some growth…..We want them inches out the deal….NATURALLY!

The thing is,  just eyeballing hair growth is really tough because of how slowly the hair growth process tends to be.  Afterall, we only grow about ¼-⅓ of an inch of hair per month, ½ of an inch if we’re lucky. So yeah judging growth with the naked eye may make you go crazy because the grow is so minute, it’s hard to accurately track.  

That's why I like the idea of having a length check shirt.  Actually the perfect combo to track your growth is taking pictures and measuring with a length check shirt.  

What is a length check shirt?

Glad you asked…...A length check shirt is a t-shirt, usually, that has a ruler type measuring system on the backside.  The ruler helps record the length of your hair so you can keep track of your growth or lack thereof. Most shirts have numbered lines but some do not.  Using a length check shirt along with photos allows you to visualize your growth. This method is way more encouraging than just eyeballing your growth.  

If you don’t have a foolproof way to record your hair growth, you will have to have experienced a significant amount of growth in order to visually see it.  So owning a length check shirt is the perfect tool to add to your hair care regimen when you are intentionally trying to grow your hair. You need to see some kind of process to keep going forward on any journey or goal and that is why many naturals feel like they NEED a length check shirt. 

Because hair growth is a slow process it is a smart idea to track it diligently.  Length retention is an important element in the hair growing process. While growing hair is definitely important retaining length is also a vital part of the process.  Using the length check shirt allows you to instantly see if you are indeed retaining your length. If your hair is stagnant you can immediately alter your hair care routine to combat any flaws that you may have in your regimen.

Most people find that they are more successful and intentional with their growth journey if they use a length check shirt as part of their routine.  I encourage you to add one to your hair care toolbox. It will make a difference in your growth journey. If you are looking for a length check shirt check out some of my favorite ones here.  If you’ve tried a length check shirt let me know your experience. Did it make a difference in your hair growth journey?



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